Sunday, November 30, 2014

Full Steam Ahead, Mr. Starkey!

No, it's not a yellow submarine, just a little steampunkship.

I had started this some time ago and finally finished it this long weekend. The main body is made from a plastic Mott's applesauce container, cut in half. The nose and tail pieces are made bits of plasticard cut and filed/sanded to shape. The periscope is made from some plastic tubing from an old ballpoint pen. I sculpted the elbow bend with sculpting putty since I couldn't find any useful bits for that part. A bit of paint, and all that's left is varnish to finish it off.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Solo Gaming by the Book

Not having much time or energy for gaming lately one thing I have managed is playing through the introductory pdfs for The Lost City of the Dwarves. These are "choose your own adventure"/solo dungeon types of books/games. You can read more about them at Lost City of the Dwarves
The introductory pdfs are free, and a good full adventure in their own right. You create a character and play through the 3 pdfs, level up your character (if they survive), gain items that you can use as you go, etc. I love dwarves, and these pdfs/books give a nice background and history, lots of flavor, as well as humor and tense or more dramatic moments as well. Some very good artwork, too. I would definitely recommend trying out the free pdfs, which you can get from DriveThruRPG. I loved it enough that I went ahead and purchased the printed version of the main adventure. That's the first part of a new adventure in the Lost City.