Tuesday, March 14, 2017

One Year Later

Space Murines!

Well, it is nearly one year later, and I finally got some more miniatures painted. First some space mouslings from Reaper, including the ultramurine in heavy armour and a crew of 3 space-mice.

And more character figures from Iron Mask Minis Musketeers line.
Dart Onion (riding and on foot) and his servant, Planchet, along with the lovely Constance, Queen's maid. Most of the miniatures in this line are dwarves, but these three characters are halflings.

And finally, the Cardinal and a Musketeer character, both with foot and riding versions.

I have more of the musketeers to paint, and backed another kickstarter for this line, so I will have more figures to assemble and paint one of these days. It's a fun range full of character. Eventually I hope to have enough to create some small forces for small battles. Maybe using some rules like Dan Mersey's Pikeman's Lament?