Thursday, February 6, 2020

Retro Future Rides Again

Presenting another batch of retro sci-fi figures from Hydra Miniatures. I tried to do eyes on some, but gave up and fell back on just slightly shaded eye sockets.

The "Rocketson" family (as listed in their catalog) - I based the paint scheme on the obvious inspiration.

"Galaxy City Gals" - for the 2 on either end I roughly based them on Star Trek women, as is probably evident. The one in the middle reminded me of people like Marcia Brady and Laurie Partridge, so I tried to capture that sort of look with the colors.

"Cosmic Kids" - the girl made me think of Alice in Wonderland, the boy in the middle made me think of a young Wesley Crusher ("shut up, Wesley"). I didn't have any ideas for the other boy; not sure if he was meant to look like anyone in particular.

A pair of "Centurion" robots, and a "Galaxy City Guy" - I have some of the robots without capes/cloaks, painted in a gun metal color, as a squad of regular robots; these 2 are more elite. The "guy" is just a generic civilian.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Retro Future

Most of the following miniatures are from Hydra Miniatures Retro sci-fi line.

A couple of businessmen or office workers

Two generic civilians

A trio of technicians or maintenance workers

Two space heroes

A steampunk figure, who could be some sort of spacer, and a leader of space amazons
(the steampunk figure is from Reaper, the space amazon leader is from Hydra)

Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Little Seasoning

A bit late for the holidays, but I finished off these 2 Reaper Christmas minis. Traditional Santa with a bog of toys and a dragon-cat in a Christmas tree. It took a while because I was dithering about colors and wasn't even sure about some of the detail or final results. But they are done now. Last of 2019/first of 2020.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Getting Prehistoric

Final batch of minis for 2019. These are Reaper Bones raptors and pygmy mammoth (still quite large though).

I took my inspiration for the raptors from big cats like leopard and cheetahs. And that made me want to make one of them melanistic, like a black leopard.

I painted the mammoth a pretty standard reddish brown.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Orcs In Shorts

Orcs In Shorts is what the kickstarter called them.

"A range of 28mm scale white metal Orc miniatures inspired by WWII Desert Rats."
From the kickstarter by Miniaturemen

The miniatures were a bit rough, but that's okay for orcs. Most of them had separate heads and arms, or in a few cases, separate weapons with hands. The heads had a concave back and sort of fit onto a nodule representing the neck. The arms had just flat joins. I used superglue to glue the pieces together and sprinkled baking soda on the joins while the glue was still wet. In my experience that creates good solid joins.

I painted these in 2 batches of about 13 minis each. I did some basic color schemes, with khaki for most of them and gray for the "commandos", followed by a wash of GW's Reikland Flesh, and then a few touches for the teeth and eyes. Simple and dirty, suitable for orks.

There is the main officer (captain?) and 2 other leaders (sergeants?).

A number of ork boyz armed with various guns, some with axes, too.

Some heavier weapons

And a squad of commando types with knives.

Group shot of the whole lot.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Cats and Camps

This time, just some simple bits to add to scenes.

Some long-haired cats from Bad Squiddo

And the hunter's camp from Mantic Games

Friday, November 22, 2019

Goblins in Space

Space goblins, from the "Space Raiders - The Space Goblins!" kickstarter by Diego Jose Serrate Pinilla.

The whole gang
Eleven goblins in total