Monday, August 21, 2017

Dragon Rampant: Dwarves vs the Green Horde

With travel and board games and other things going on I haven't been painting any more miniatures lately, but I did get in a game of Dragon Rampant. I used smaller units and kept track of strength points by the use of dice. This allowed me to field some units with fewer figures, temporarily glued onto stands as an experiment to see if I liked that arrangement. I did/do, so I will probably make some units from some of my existing miniatures. I really like the various rules sets that Dan Mersey has done for Osprey. They're pretty simple, but versatile, and make for a fun game that doesn't have to be too large.
View from the dwarven side (light blue dice as strength trackers)

Instead of playing any of the scenarios in the rule books I just had a line up of 4 dwarf units (2 crossbow units, one on each wing; a unit of muskets; and a unit of axe thanes, the heavy hitters), with a horde of goblins and allies facing up against them with the object of breaking through. There were 2 units of goblin wolfriders, one with spears and one with bows; a couple of units of orc warriors; a couple of units of goblin infantry with spears; a large stone troll.
View from the goblin side (red dice as strength trackers)

The goblin horde tried to move in for the attack, with the wolfriders heading around on each wing to try to hit the dwarves quickly. But the numerous units on the goblin side had to go in a bit piecemeal, to avoid bunching up and also because they weren't always able to all move. This allowed the dwarves to shoot them up as they came in.
Goblin horde getting shot to pieces around the mid-point of the battle

The only real damage done by the goblin side was when the troll got close enough to attack and manged to do enough damage to the dwarf muskets, and eventually cause them to rout. But it wasn't enough. The dwarves were able to prevent any goblin units to break through.
Troll attack!
Dwarves triumphant

If I were to try this scenario again I think the goblin side would need some combination of more units, stronger units, and/or more shooters. Especially some stronger units.

Still, it was fun and gives me more confidence about wanting to base some of my figures on multi-figure stands for small battles. And I can use just some of my existing figures for that, and still have plenty to leave as single figures for other games, such as dungeon crawls, skirmishes and such.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


These are some wild goblins from a Greenskin Wars kickstarter. Full of character. Each one has a different animal skin cloak. I went back to green, but trying a different shade that is more on the blue side, for a change of pace.

Monday, July 3, 2017

SciCorps and Huge Critters

First up, a squad of 6 figures from Reaper. These could be law enforcement, security forces or military, private or public, local or interplanetary.

Rock toad, from the Warts and Wings kickstarter, by Iain Colwell and Toad King Castings. Human shown for scale. This toad is noticeably larger than the fire and ice toads (from the same kickstarter) I painted previously.

Giant Alligator from the Hordes line by Privateer Press. I don't play the game; I just thought a giant 'gator would make for a good monster in various settings. Human added for scale; also shows the gear on his back.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Sci-Fi and a Goblin

I wanted to try my hand at a non-green goblin. This figure is from a Greenskin Wars kickstarter I received a while back. I'm not sure the color works. Maybe I will try some other shades on some of the other figures until I get a color I like.

Sligg Soldier from Reaper, which reminded me of a kobold. Two views of the one figure, so you can see different angles.

And the Space Patrol from Hydra Miniatures Galacteers.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Few Minis More

I found these pack donkeys amongst my pile of "lead" and decided to paint them. They are from Foundry. I painted others from the set, including various pack equines, a long time ago.

 Female sci-fi soldier from Reaper; owlbear cub and Illyrian spaceman from Bombshell Miniatures.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fire and Ice and Mechanical Minions

I've been painting a mix of Hydra Miniatures, Bombshell Miniatures, and Reaper Miniatures, as well as some miniatures from assorted kickstarter projects, so I'm losing track of which came from where. Is that just me?

First, a couple of large toads (to give an idea of size, they are based on the same large 1.25 inch diameter washers I used for the other figures in this post). I painted one in a snow/ice scheme (with some baking soda and salt for the patches of snow), and the other in a fire scheme. These are resin minis from the Warts and Wings kickstarter by Iain Colwell.

Alien ambassador/merchant/noble and hunter. Not sure where these are from, but I think they might be from Reaper.

Evil Overlord/space villain and robot captain, from Hydra Miniatures.

Followed by the robot "legion", also from Hydra.

For more info on the toads see Toad King Castings

Monday, May 8, 2017

Space Heroines and Aliens

Time for some sci-fi/space opera stuff, with a mix of figures from Reaper and Bombshell Miniatures.

Ship's mechanic and a couple of robots

Space heroines and ginger cat

Space aliens, called Illyrians on some catalogs (I had painted up the middle guy some time ago, but did some minor painting and flocking now to fit in with the other four, which are new)