Friday, June 7, 2019

The Nine Dwarves

Here's my latest, more old dwarves from Foundry (sculpted by Kev Adams, who is well-known for the many goblins he has done for Citadel/GW and others over the years, including some recent kickstarters).

The latest batch of 9 dwarves. All different, but I tried to tie them together by using the same general color palette.

Then the whole group, including 7 I painted some time ago (on the black squares). These were all from two boxed sets.

In the pics you can also see the cardboard insert from some electronics, which I think could be made into a terrain piece - the shape of this one looks like it might be good for a building complex.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

More Reaper Mouslings (and a Shark)

These are Reaper metal mouslings; barbarians, magic-users, archers, and assassin and thief.

Also, a Reaper shark pirate

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cat and Mouse

I forget where the 2 cats are from (maybe Reaper or Counterblast or ?). The rat is a Mantic Veer-Myn. I got the starter set to try them out as possible generic ratty sci-fi figures for skirmish games. They are multi-part plastic figures, which I am not fond of. I would prefer metal, but they are fun figures.

The cats are metal figures. The cat guy is probably supposed to be a tiger, but I wanted to paint him more like an orange/ginger moggy. And then I decided to paint the cat girl like a tuxedo cat. Her gun is very fine and fragile - not a great thing for a metal mini - it keeps getting bent and so could very well snap off one of these times.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


These figures came with the kickstarter from Fanarth that included the frogs in my previous post at Tales of Frogs.

There is the frog mystic/magician/leader seated on a stone throne (with a cushion), the really big guy with a sort of toothed sword (or chainsaw?) and the veteran lizard warrior.

6 different warriors

And a couple of stone markers (with assorted little reptiles and amphibians)

Some of the 2 part (or more) lizards didn't fit together quite as well as the frogs, but I think I filled in any gaps well enough with greenstuff (kneadatite putty). I tried basing the various paint schemes on actual reptiles and amphibians.

Saturday, February 9, 2019


I received the following minis through kickstarter last year. They are from Fanath ( and very well made. I think they were 3D sculpted. Very clean, few visible mold lines. Some of the figures are single part and some come in 2 parts, but the parts are made in such a way that they fit together very well with lots of surface area for gluing. No pinning need at all. No gap-filling was needed either. They did stuff like making 2 arms and the shoulders/upper back all one piece that slotted into the other piece that comprised the rest of the body, legs, and head, and the joins fall in places where there is a natural separation, like between the shoulder pads and the frog's torso. And now I have a hard time telling which were 2 part and where the 2 parts fall. I should have taken some pics of the pieces prior to assembly. Other companies could take a lesson from these!

They are all metal. Only the bases are plastic (I used ones I bought in bulk from Reaper, although the frog team did come with a different style of round plastic base).

I have no plans to do any kind of "football" game, but in spite of a general lack of weapons I thought I could use these guys as swamp denizens in both fantasy and sci-fi adventures. They could work just as well for Pulp stories, too.

Without any further ado here they are:
(16 frogs, all different, and 1 sneaky chameleon)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sci-fi Bits

Just to show that I'm still alive... ha ha

I finally finished these terrain bits for Star Wars Legion - which I plan to use for generic sci-fi skirmish games, since I don't have or play Star Wars Legion. (Reaper sci-fi rogue included for scale)

Seemed like some useful bits to use for objective markers, set dressing, obstacles or things to hide behind, etc.

It took me some time to figure out what colors I wanted to use and where to put those colors - lots of little bits that could have been picked out in various colors. I didn't want to make them too fiddly, but not too monotone either. I think I'm happy with the assorted grays (from Reaper's stone gray triad) and the shiny bronze and blue metallics.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

More Dwarf Musketeers

More Iron Mask Dwarves. Musketeers from the forlorn hope, a couple of commanders and a halfling drummer.

A goblin veteran/leader (from Greenskin Wars kickstarter, sculpted by Kev Adams).