Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Creatures, Mostly Great

Finally got around to painting these beasts I have had for I don't know how long.

First some dinosaurs (from Hasslefree, if I recall correctly). Trying to come up with various color schemes so all of my dinos aren't just a mass of grays and browns.

Some sort of raptor-like dino

A parasaurolophus

A sabertooth cat (from Reaper, I believe)

A giant bat (also from Reaper). This is huge, with a wingspan of something like 20 feet in scale. Also quite hefty, as like the rest of these animals it is solid metal.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Noggin, part 4

Another batch of Noggin miniatures from Little Soldier Company. Probably the last of the Noggin minis I will do for a while (I do have minis of Noggin and Nootka sitting on thrones, 2 soldiers on horseback and a couple of variants of Nogbad the Bad, but I think I will do those some other time).

Just some odds and ends.
A Murder of (Nogbad's) crows.

Graculus (the bird) and Groliffe (the dragon).

Dwarf/gnome in kilt and Inverness cape, soldier of Nog disguised as a bear, and the moon mouse.

With apologies for photo quality. After all these years I still can't seem to always get good shots.