Thursday, June 27, 2019

GW 40K Terrain Pieces

These are thermic plasma conduits (2 packs) and regulators (1 pack) from GW. I think they were originally sold for use with Kill Team? But I intend them for use in various generic sci-fi skirmish games.

I started off with a base coat of black gesso, then a heavy drybrush of "rough iron" paint (an Army Painter paint color) for the main overall color which gave it a nice heavy duty industrial look, then various bronzes/coppers, blues, reds and gray, to do a bit of detailing. I was trying to keep things fairly simple, as game pieces rather than focal points for dioramas or the like.

So I set up assorted figures from my collection of sci-fi minis - just randomly, no actual game in progress (so far).

Saturday, June 22, 2019


My first box/batch "bugs", from the boardgame, Myth (I think they are called crawlers in that game). There are basically 2 slightly different soft plastic models (they come assmbled). I loosely based the color scheme on some images I found online of blue crabs. The main color is turquoise with a fairly strong blue wash and some drybrushing, blue metallic on the head shell and the ends of the legs, red/orange on the "arms", and bronze eyes/eyespots. (Foundry dwarf for scale - they're about the same height as GW dwarves, albeit generally even bulkier)

(the rock formation is another cardboard insert from some electronics - I will probably base it and paint it at some point)

Each box of these contains 10 figures, so I ordered a 2nd box to make sure I have enough for games like Operation Last Train.

Edited to add the 2nd batch of bugs. I tried a few in red just to see how that would look. I could always use them as soldier versions or something.

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Nine Dwarves

Here's my latest, more old dwarves from Foundry (sculpted by Kev Adams, who is well-known for the many goblins he has done for Citadel/GW and others over the years, including some recent kickstarters).

The latest batch of 9 dwarves. All different, but I tried to tie them together by using the same general color palette.

Then the whole group, including 7 I painted some time ago (on the black squares). These were all from two boxed sets.

In the pics you can also see the cardboard insert from some electronics, which I think could be made into a terrain piece - the shape of this one looks like it might be good for a building complex.