Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 rolls over into 2015

I managed to end the old year with a board game play through, of Descent 2: Journeys in the Dark, First Blood scenario, played solo with 2 characters. It was a quick game/scenario - actually the playing time was less than the setup time, because I had to look up lots of things and find all the bits and pieces and sort everything out. Hopefully I can get more games in and get quicker at setup.

And then I started the new year with another play through of a board game. In this case, Relic Expedition, which isn't designed as a solo game at all, but I tried it out using a solo variant I found on Board Game Geek. It wasn't bad, but not entirely satisfying either.

I hope to play more games this year, and paint more miniatures, and maybe even get started in an actual solo rpg.

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming to all!