Friday, July 6, 2018

Three Space Dwarves

Plastic/resin figures from Kromlech. The heads come separately, but are easy to attach with a sort of loose ball and socket connection. They also came with some little fiddly goggle things to go on their helmets, but I left those off for fear they would be too fragile. I plan to use one of the figures as stand-in for a crewman in some games (Five Parsecs from Home and/or Pulp Alley?), who is a space dwarf and former soldier.

When painting figures like this where a large portion of the figure is one color I often struggle with figuring out how much of it and which parts to paint other colors so they aren't too monotone. But at the same time I don't want it to get too fiddly or chaotic. Some of these have some sort of small cylinders in belts, like a belt for bullets, for example. I left the cylinders the same green as the uniform, so far. But not sure if I should. As these are meant for gaming rather than display I will probably leave them as is and call it done.