Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wood Elves, part 1

Some basic wood elf spearmen and archers. Most of these are GW/Citadel metal minis from the "old days". I have flagbearers for most of the units, but few with flags currently attached, so I left those out of the pictures.
One of the few flagbearers actually carrying a flag at this time.
The hooded figure leaning on the sword is not from GW. I think it is a Reaper Mini...
This unit has a "standardbearer", but rather than a flag he carries a sort of icon.
More archers (because you can never have too many archers, right?).
A view from the back to show their shields. The heart and thorns are based on old GW decals, but hand-drawn/painted by me using a technical pen for the black parts and red paint for the hearts.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


This week - "old-school" Brettonians. I have a few more more, but these are all I have painted so far. Not really enough for a balanced force, these would probably have to appear as an allied contingent for another army. (note: as with almost all of the minis I am posting pics of in this blog these were all painted ages ago)

A unit of archers
Bertrand the Brigand, Hugo le Petit, Gui le Gros and the Bowmen of Bergerac (aka Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck and a couple of the merry men)
A knight from Gunderland (sort of my version of Scotland)
Grail Knights
Repanse de Lyonesse (aka Joan of Arc)
Tristran le Troubador and Jules le Jongleur
Baron Odo d'Outremer and Suliman le Saracen
Morgiana le Fay and a grail damsel
The Green Knight

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Halfling Contingent

Enter the halfling contingent. The halflings have an enclave within the human kingdom of Hardwicke. In addition many halflings can be found living in human towns within that kingdom.
Except for the knight on the pony these are all GW miniatures. I don't remember where the knight came from.
Rangers - these are another GW "Regiment of Renown" (whose name escapes me at the moment)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Firestone Dwarves

Firestone dwarves are from a different region from the Beerstone dwarves, off in a range of mountains to the southeast, and there are fewer of them. They are more "modern", making greater use of gunpowder weapons and often dressing in more Renaissance-like garments and armor, adopted from their closest human neighbors.

Firestone Pikes - old GW or Citadel minis
The Dragonfire Guard, armed with axes and a pair of pistols - I think these are an old GW "Regiment of Renown"

The artillery - an organ gun and a cannon - more GW/Citadel minis

Assorted characters and leaders - the pair on the left is a single Foundry mini. Most of the others are GW or Citadel. Not sure about the second and third from the left. On the fourth one I swapped out a hand holding a brand to fire a cannon with a hand holding a sword. The last 2 I added moustaches and "beefed up" the nose of the wizard as it got overwhelmed by the whiskers!)

Some more Foundry dwarves.

Beerstone Dwarves, Part 5

A unit of Thunderers - old GW minis
An engineer and 2 versions of Bugman (GW's famous dwarf brewer) - I need to come up with a new banner for the one on the right...