Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More Space Dwarves

These ones are from the Theoc Space Dwarves kickstarter. There are some additional figures with separate arms and weapons, but I need to figure out how the arms should be attached. There is no clear peg and socket or anything. I suspect it will require some carving off of bits, pinning, and putty work. The ones here are all single-part all-in-one casting figures, which I usually prefer.

Command (maybe sergeant and lieutenant? or veteran/experienced?)
 One type of gun
A different type of gun

I tried something different with the guns, adding the non-metallic light blue; maybe these are some sort of laser or energy weapons?

And just for fun, a Komodo dragon from Reaper. Not sure why I got this or what I would use it for. I painted it based on a Komodo dragon I saw in a zoo recently.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Elves, Dwarves and Bears

These 2 wood elves are from Reaper. Maybe not clear from the angle, but the male elf is getting ready to fire a bow. The female has a lute strapped to her back.

More dwarves from Iron Mask Miniatures. Pikemen, and the first of the dwarves with muskets (the muskets have longer barrels, but they seemed too long to load so I cut them short).

A family of grizzly bears from Foundry.

Some chests from Super Dungeon Explore. I thought these could be useful in a variety of games, as background terrain "scatter" or as objectives.