Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cat and Mouse

I forget where the 2 cats are from (maybe Reaper or Counterblast or ?). The rat is a Mantic Veer-Myn. I got the starter set to try them out as possible generic ratty sci-fi figures for skirmish games. They are multi-part plastic figures, which I am not fond of. I would prefer metal, but they are fun figures.

The cats are metal figures. The cat guy is probably supposed to be a tiger, but I wanted to paint him more like an orange/ginger moggy. And then I decided to paint the cat girl like a tuxedo cat. Her gun is very fine and fragile - not a great thing for a metal mini - it keeps getting bent and so could very well snap off one of these times.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


These figures came with the kickstarter from Fanath that included the frogs in my previous post at Tales of Frogs.

There is the frog mystic/magician/leader seated on a stone throne (with a cushion), the really big guy with a sort of toothed sword (or chainsaw?) and the veteran lizard warrior.

6 different warriors

And a couple of stone markers (with assorted little reptiles and amphibians)

Some of the 2 part (or more) lizards didn't fit together quite as well as the frogs, but I think I filled in any gaps well enough with greenstuff (kneadatite putty). I tried basing the various paint schemes on actual reptiles and amphibians.