Friday, July 6, 2018

Three Space Dwarves

Plastic/resin figures from Kromlech. The heads come separately, but are easy to attach with a sort of loose ball and socket connection. They also came with some little fiddly goggle things to go on their helmets, but I left those off for fear they would be too fragile. I plan to use one of the figures as stand-in for a crewman in some games (Five Parsecs from Home and/or Pulp Alley?), who is a space dwarf and former soldier.

When painting figures like this where a large portion of the figure is one color I often struggle with figuring out how much of it and which parts to paint other colors so they aren't too monotone. But at the same time I don't want it to get too fiddly or chaotic. Some of these have some sort of small cylinders in belts, like a belt for bullets, for example. I left the cylinders the same green as the uniform, so far. But not sure if I should. As these are meant for gaming rather than display I will probably leave them as is and call it done. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mousling Picnic/Party

More mouslings from Reaper. All except for the king and princess are from the Mousling Tavern set.

The mousling king and princess

Musicians, server/bartender and celebrants

Monday, June 25, 2018

Goblins in Space

I had previously painted the first 6 of these GW space goblins; then bought a few more on ebay (unpainted) to create a small force for games like Pulp Alley and sci-fi skirmish-level games.

The leader and some fighters
 Banner bearer (need to add some sort of banner or emblem) and a couple more fighters
Group of shooters - these would make up a mob in Pulp Alley - I modified a couple of these (added spiked helmet and bandanna using greenstuff and a plastic spike).
 More fighters - I changed the middle guy's knife/sword for a sword from an old plastic orcs boxed set.
 More shooters
These last 10 are the ones I just finished painting over the last few days.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Big Birds and Robots

First, the birds. I'm not sure exactly which species they are meant to be, diatryma, gastornis, etc. Some sort of prehistoric giant birds. They stand taller than a grown man. I painted them using a color scheme inspired by cassowaries, even though that is a totally different big bird. They were sold as Venusian Terror Birds in the Venus 1888 Woman at War kickstarter.

These robots are from Pulp Alley. They have stats and cards and figure into some of the Lemuria campaign's scenarios. But I will be using them for sci-fi adventures. They are also somewhat taller than a human (in scale, of course!).

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stellar Adventurers

More Reaper miniatures.

First, mousling adventurer.

A space smuggler and a steampunk lady; she will represent a starship captain in some gaming and he will represent one of the crew.

Another steampunk character. I don't have specific use for him yet. Maybe a space lawman of some sort?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Six Space Mouslings

Space mouslings from Reaper - all but one are from the soft plastic Bones line. The other one is an old metal figure (the one with the pistol on the left of the second photo; which I had painted previously), along with 3 other space mouslings in sort of starship uniforms. Fun little guys.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Eight Musketeers

I finished some more dwarf musketeers from Iron Mask Miniatures. Slowly building up enough to go from skirmishes to small battles.

These are metal figures, most with separate hands and heads. I like how easily the pieces fit together. The joins aren't precise, but don't need to be. The heads fit onto stumps of necks on the torsos, and the usually gloved hands fit onto stumps at the ends of the arms, with plenty of surface area to hold quite well. The only thing I don't care much for is how thing some of the weapons are; prone to bending often. In those cases I have clipped off the sculpted blade, drilled a whole and inserted a piece of wire/paperclip in place of the blade.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Seven Dwarves

From the Foundry Mighty Dwarves of Legend boxed set of Veteran Dwarves. Good solid chunky metal dwarves. They make even GW dwarves look a bit underfed! ha ha

For an idea of size they are based on 3/4 inch (20mm) diameter washers.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Shamblers and Stirges

Shambling mounds and swarm of stirges, all from Toad King Castings. Acquired through kickstarter projects. The shamblers are resin; there are 2 regular shamblers, the little guy, and the guy with the staff and a bag over one shoulder. The swarm of stirges (shown here with another stirge I had painted previously; possibly demonstrating a way to deal with stirges?) are base in two groups of 3, and one group each of 2 figures and 1 figure, so casualties can be removed as needed. They are metal miniatures.

The tallest shamblers are about 2 inches or 50 mm tall. The stirges' bodies are smaller than a 28mm human figure's head.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Of Knights and Bunnies

The following figures were a stretch goal from the Dwarves at Arms kickstarter from Microcosm. The knights were a bit fiddly to put together, with separate heads, legs, arms, and shields. For added strength/stability I pinned a lot of the pieces, which made it even more fiddly.

First up, King Arthur, the killer bunny (with nasty pointy teeth), and the Black Knight (I did consider adding magnets to make the limbs removable, but see comments above about "fiddliness").

Of course, King Arthur needs his trusted Knights of the Round Table.

Sounds of sawing and hammering and construction off in the distance behind the trees...

I built the rabbit out of foamcore, clad with bamboo skewers, round wood craft pieces, parchment paper covering the head of foamcore, and cardboard ears. The wheels actually turn, although they are a bit wonky.

Friday, March 23, 2018

More Fancy Orcs

More "landsknecht" orcs from Foundry's Casting Room line. Changed to better photos that show the colors more accurately.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Stepping Stones

After much experimentation, watching video tutorials, etc., I have finally figured out one way to do stonework that I find works well for me. I glued pieces of "dollar store" foamcore (the advantage it has is the paper on either side of the foam is easy to peel off) to some of my basic building structures. Then I cut in the stonework with a sharp hobby knife. Then I traced over all of the cut lines with a ballpoint pen to deepen them and to separate the individual stones more. I used the scrunched up ball of aluminum foil trick to imprint some texture on the stones. Then painted the stonework with gray gesso, followed by a light wash of black ink mixed with water. Then painted some of the stones in various shades of gray. And finished off by sponging on a light gray.

I made 2 low stone staircases, and small archway, a building "riser"/foundation, and a full stone building.

Friday, February 23, 2018

More Construction

I finished some more building pieces - I did some with wood paneling on the lower portions, a couple of stair pieces, a "riser" to lift the ground floor off the ground a little (one of the stair pieces can be placed next to this to give access to the building), a sort of lean-to addition (can be a market stall, too), and some longer upper story pieces that overhang the standard buildings, as well as making it so I can use a couple of narrow pieces with a wider piece on top to create a sort of opening or pass-thru.

Here is an overview of the completed pieces along with the ones I did previously:
And a closer shot of most of the new pieces, with a better look at the wood paneled sections and the stair pieces:

You can see how the riser lifts the one building a bit higher than its neighbor.

As far as construction goes, I am making them starting with a shell made from foamcore; with balsa wood added for the timbers and wood panels and doors; leaded glass windows made from cross-stitching plastic grating cut at a 45 degree angle; roofs made from chipboard/cardboard with cereal box cardboard shingles and various bits of wood and cardboard for the chimneys and chimney pots. The plastering between the timbers is foam putty/hobbilite filler (basically the same lightweight filler/putty from different manufacturers - it's made for working with foam and sets up lightweight but sturdy enough).

Next on the building plan, I hope to add some stonework pieces.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Under Construction

I have been working on some buildings to use with my dwarf musketeers and other figures. They are still under construction, and more are planned, but I wanted to show what I've done so far. I have made them in pieces so they can be arranged in various ways. Here are the pieces that are nearly finished:

And here is a street scene with a dwarf musketeer dueling with a Foundry Casting Room fancy orc.

And a wider shot showing more of the buildings.

I have more of the "fancy orcs" in progress on the painting table. They are fun to paint and I'm going wild with the colors, making them as bright and clashing as I can. More buildings are planned as well, including some with stonework (once I work out how I want to do that), and some with more wood siding and/or a mix of wood siding and half-timbering.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Latest Miniatures

My latest batch of minis. My painting output is very slow these days!

A scout and an infantry soldier from Venus Women at War kickstarter

A Reaper aardvark, a couple of dodos from Bombshell Miniatures, and a stirge from Toad King Castings kickstarter getting into someone's ale.

And some dwarf musketeer cavalry from Iron Mask Miniatures, also a kickstarter project.