Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Mess of Orcs

(not sure what the word for a large group of orcs is; like murder of crows, pride of lions, etc. Horde of orcs? Mess seems kind of appropriate).

These are more old Foundry orcs. I made a few conversions, swapping in the hand holding the horn and another hand holding a sword on the orc with the horn in the lower left, a hand with a big cleaver chopper weapon on the orc in the front, a couple of spiky metal shoulder pads on a couple of other orcs, and removal of extra weapons from a few. I may add shields to some or many of these "lads" if I come up with shields I think would be suitable. 25 orcs in one big mass! I think that's the most figures I've painted in one batch in a long time, if ever. There was enough variety and I switched colors around so it wasn't tedious.

(you know the drill - click to embiggen)