Saturday, October 21, 2023

Rangers (or Bandits)

Various rangers from Midlam Miniatures. These are metal figures. I think they could also work as your typical wilderness bandits, too. Do they seem more foul or more fair?

I primed them in gray gesso; then did a heavy dry-brush in white gesso. Then blocked in mostly various greens and browns and fleshtones, and to be honest, wasn't super careful about getting the paint just right or within the "lines", as it were, figuring the next step would help cover up minor discrepancies. Next, I covered them in Army Painter's Light Tone wash. And after the wash, I painted the iron bits, such as the sword blades, and the gray of the arrow fletching. I think they don't look too bad for tabletop use.

17 of them was kind of a lot to paint at once, but for this lot it seemed to make sense to do it that way.