Saturday, November 21, 2015

Basilisks, Bulettes, and Tanks, oh my!

Slowly getting a few more projects done. Today I finished and photographed some miniatures and another applesauce cup tank.

The bulette and basilisk are plastic minis from the Reaper Bones range. I'm not fond of plastic, especially the pliable plastic they use in this range, but some of the monsters are useful. I find if extremely difficult to remove mold lines from this sort of plastic. You can't really file it, and scraping doesn't seem to work well either. Trying to trim it by slicing off tiny bits is beyond me as well. I based them on washers on top of plastic card, to give a little weight to them.

I tried to base the basilisk colors on the real world basilisk lizard, or one variety thereof.

Next is this firenewt from Otherworld Miniatures. They do some nice minis based on some of the old (or classic) game illustrations. Not sure what I'd use him for. Maybe a random (possibly non-hostile) dungeon encounter?

An amphibious applecart tank. This is another tank using a Mott's applesauce plastic cup for the turret, part of a writing pen barrel for the gun barrel, plastic caps from squeezy applesauce containers, and other odds and ends and wood bits.

The entire applecart fleet, as it stands at this time.