Friday, February 23, 2018

More Construction

I finished some more building pieces - I did some with wood paneling on the lower portions, a couple of stair pieces, a "riser" to lift the ground floor off the ground a little (one of the stair pieces can be placed next to this to give access to the building), a sort of lean-to addition (can be a market stall, too), and some longer upper story pieces that overhang the standard buildings, as well as making it so I can use a couple of narrow pieces with a wider piece on top to create a sort of opening or pass-thru.

Here is an overview of the completed pieces along with the ones I did previously:
And a closer shot of most of the new pieces, with a better look at the wood paneled sections and the stair pieces:

You can see how the riser lifts the one building a bit higher than its neighbor.

As far as construction goes, I am making them starting with a shell made from foamcore; with balsa wood added for the timbers and wood panels and doors; leaded glass windows made from cross-stitching plastic grating cut at a 45 degree angle; roofs made from chipboard/cardboard with cereal box cardboard shingles and various bits of wood and cardboard for the chimneys and chimney pots. The plastering between the timbers is foam putty/hobbilite filler (basically the same lightweight filler/putty from different manufacturers - it's made for working with foam and sets up lightweight but sturdy enough).

Next on the building plan, I hope to add some stonework pieces.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Under Construction

I have been working on some buildings to use with my dwarf musketeers and other figures. They are still under construction, and more are planned, but I wanted to show what I've done so far. I have made them in pieces so they can be arranged in various ways. Here are the pieces that are nearly finished:

And here is a street scene with a dwarf musketeer dueling with a Foundry Casting Room fancy orc.

And a wider shot showing more of the buildings.

I have more of the "fancy orcs" in progress on the painting table. They are fun to paint and I'm going wild with the colors, making them as bright and clashing as I can. More buildings are planned as well, including some with stonework (once I work out how I want to do that), and some with more wood siding and/or a mix of wood siding and half-timbering.