Saturday, March 28, 2009

Celts, part 3

Princess of the Sacred Isles


Spear-weilding hero and High Druid

More heroes

Celts, part 2

Cavalry, a chariot, and a big cat

Celts, part 1

Forces of the sacred Isles of Toora and Loora, off the west coast of Murfy.
Swords, spears and axes

Dwarf Command

A couple of GW Dwarf command figures I just finished painting

Prelude to Mirth

This will be a sort of catalog of my fantasy miniatures. I call my world "Mirth" (a contraction of Middle Earth and a pun).

The main "good guys" are
The human kingdom of Hardwicke
The Wood Elves
The dwarven kingdom of Beerstone

There are also other smaller or more distant "good guys", such as
The dwarven island of Smorgasbergen (Norse dwarves)
The dwarven kingdom of Firestone (gunpowder-using dwarves)
The Freestone dwarves

The main "bad guys" are various groups of orcs and goblins, with the occasional monster
One major concentration of these "baddies" are the often feuding groups who dwell in various parts of the Desert of Skorch

Most of the miniatures I'll be showing here have been collected and painted over years (decades, even) past. They are mostly GW (Games Workshop) miniatures, with some Celtos miniatures (reperesenting the small forces of the sacred islands of Toora and Loora off the west coast of Murfy - part of the Kingdom of Hardwicke), and the odd miniature from other manufacturers, such as Foundry.