Sunday, March 17, 2024

Orks in spaaace!

 These space ork pirates are from Meridian Miniatures, as part of a Kickstarter project. Sculpted by Kev Adams, who has sculpted orcs and goblins and other minis for the likes of GW and others for some time now. The figures were cast in metal, and are single piece minis with plastic bases. Fun to paint, and I'm always happy to add a few more characterful orcs or other types to my collection.


  1. Excellent looking Rogue Trader style orks and very nicely painted!
    Best Iain

  2. Thanks, Iain!
    I just backed another set of more of them (different sculpts). They are very fun to paint.

  3. Ha-ha! before reading your commentary, I was looking at your beautiful miniatures and thinking - "Wow! They look a LOT like the old Rogue Trader Orks!!" and then I read "sculpted by Kev Adams..." and then thought, "Ah, that makes sense then!"

    I love those old models. They were one of the first sci-fi forces I had - that box of Space Ork Raiders... The ones I originally owned are long gone, but over the years I found replacements - for some of them. They DO NOT mix well with the modern GW plastic Space Orks which are HUGE!!! I'd like to build a small Kill Team of them, where, operating on their own, the differences would be less noticible...

    Or I'll just use them as K'Erin in Five Parsecs from Home!

    Really love the paint job on these. I do love the colourful, non-uniform look to the crew...? Pirates...?

  4. Thanks! I didn't want them to be in uniforms, but did want them to feel cohesive enough that they looked like they could hang out together.

    Yeah, I was "jazzed" to paint them, and basically got right to it as soon as I received them. For me, that shows how much they appealed to me.
    Any time I see that Kev Adams sculpted some orcs or goblins my interest is piqued.
    And old Rogue Trader style minis appeal to me more than many of the modern styles. :D