Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dirty Orcs and Others

Pursuant to the comments on the post: Improvised Shields I "dirtied" up the orcs's shields with a light overall wash of old GW flesh wash, followed with dabbing here and there with a somewhat darker brown wash mixed with a small amount of a bit of gray paint, on both shields and lower parts of their garments. I think it turned out suitably grubby. I did all of them, but here are a few representatives.

I also finished painting a Reaper rat ogre and a Reaper giant horned viper (it came with 2 heads, the other was more like a real snake, but I liked the idea of the horns to make it stand out from other snakes). I tried to base the horned viper's colors and pattern on the colors and pattern of a real life horned viper species.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Improvised Shields

I made some shields for some of the orcs in this post: a-mess-of-orcs. Since I didn't have any spare shields that fit them the way I wanted I ended up making some shields out of plastic card and a bit of sculpting putty (the latter mostly to sculpt straps like the one you can see on the orc with raised shield on the left of the picture). I wanted the shields to look suitably scrappy, rough, but big and sturdy. Looking at the photo, I may want to "dirty" them up a bit. I think they look a little too clean and shiny.

(click to embiggen)

These guys are orcs of the Black Eye. I also have orcs of the Red Eye, the Bone Head orcs (skull and sometimes bones as their emblem), and the Broken Bone goblins, among others.