Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dirty Orcs and Others

Pursuant to the comments on the post: Improvised Shields I "dirtied" up the orcs's shields with a light overall wash of old GW flesh wash, followed with dabbing here and there with a somewhat darker brown wash mixed with a small amount of a bit of gray paint, on both shields and lower parts of their garments. I think it turned out suitably grubby. I did all of them, but here are a few representatives.

I also finished painting a Reaper rat ogre and a Reaper giant horned viper (it came with 2 heads, the other was more like a real snake, but I liked the idea of the horns to make it stand out from other snakes). I tried to base the horned viper's colors and pattern on the colors and pattern of a real life horned viper species.


  1. Shields have scrubbed up (or should I say down) really well.reaper chaps look great and pretty menacing!

  2. I like these orcs more than I do the official GW LOTR figures. Your orcs remind me of the ones you'd see on the covers of the Tolkein books from the 1960s and 70s. I quite like the snake and the rat chap, very terrifying!

  3. Thanks, guys!
    For an idea of size, the snake and rat ogre are on the same size stands as the orcs, so in that pose the snake is about as tall as an orc.
    I like the orcs, too. They are old Foundry orcs. I kind of wish I had gotten some of their fancier orcs at the time (dressed in clothes similar to landsknechts). They fit reasonably well alongside the old old GW (non-LOTR) orcs I have from the 80s, too. Good (or bad?) sturdy lads, not weedy humans in orc costumes. lol