Saturday, February 7, 2015

Improvised Shields

I made some shields for some of the orcs in this post: a-mess-of-orcs. Since I didn't have any spare shields that fit them the way I wanted I ended up making some shields out of plastic card and a bit of sculpting putty (the latter mostly to sculpt straps like the one you can see on the orc with raised shield on the left of the picture). I wanted the shields to look suitably scrappy, rough, but big and sturdy. Looking at the photo, I may want to "dirty" them up a bit. I think they look a little too clean and shiny.

(click to embiggen)

These guys are orcs of the Black Eye. I also have orcs of the Red Eye, the Bone Head orcs (skull and sometimes bones as their emblem), and the Broken Bone goblins, among others.


  1. I think the shields have worked very well indeed and look great.I would be interested to see them dirtied up a bit for comparison.

  2. I love the shields. They actually look quite roman; I agree that they'll look more Orc-y when they're dirtied up.

    Having said that, we know that Greenskins like bright red so there could be a few of your lads who keep theirs nice and shiny to intimidate the enemy.

  3. I agree with the Roman-look as well . . . And I also agree that they look good.

    For round shields try classic thumbtacks . . . they work great!

    -- Jeff

  4. Let me know if you are doing more orcs (or goblins) that need shields. I have a ton of these in my bits box.

  5. Thanks, guys!
    Yes, the Roman-look was unintentional, but struck me as well as I got to the red and all. I wonder if they would've looked less Roman if the main color was different (black, maybe? with a white emblem?).

    Thanks for the tacks tip, Jeff. (and "tacks tip" makes me think of Duck Soup...)

    I do have a few round shields, but none that are as sturdy as I wanted for these burly orcs. I also wanted a rougher bashed together look. I have used old GW plastic kits as a source for shields and shield devices, but I'm running out of suitable ones.

    Well, I have a few assorted minis on the painting desk and hope to get some finished off soon.