Saturday, August 22, 2015

What's More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys?

How about a pack of steampunk brass monkeys? These are from the Steampunk Menagerie collection that I received through a Kickstarter project a few months ago. For miniatures with some separate parts (the arms in some cases) these were easy to put together and came together pretty solidly without needing to do any pinning (just some Gorilla brand super glue! It's the what I happened to have). I generally detest multi-part figures for the fiddly-ness and fragility involved. These monkeys/apes were a delightful change. Other miniatures makers could take a lesson from them. The pledge level I made also included some steampunk crabs, but those look much more fiddly (not fiddler) and more likely to come apart easily, so I have yet to put them together. I figure these little steam simians, with their guns and swords, would make good "mooks" or hench-apes for some steampunk evil witch or mad roboticist. Enough chatter. on to the photos.

This first picture gives a better idea of the actual colors:

These other pictures maybe give a better idea of the various poses and weaponry - 5 pistol-armed and 5 sword-armed.:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Solo Dungeon Delving - part 2

Game materials

Part 2.
Durik comes to a ramp leading down. At the bottom of the ramp he comes upon the goblin leader and 6 of his minions. The space is restricted, so only 2 goblins can attack at any given time. The leader stays in the back and tries to direct the minions (give them +1 to hit).

Durik attacks and strikes down 2 of the minions. Two others close in and one gets a hit on Durik. Durik strikes back and kills another. The remaining 3 minions turn and run. The goblin leader steps up and attacks Durik, causing 2 hits. Durik gets one hit on the leader. The leader hits back for one more hit, bringing Durik to zero hit points. Durik manages to kill the leader and then passes out.

Sometime later...
Durik revives enough to bind his wounds. After a brief rest he searches the bodies and the chamber and finds a healing potion, 20 gold pieces, 2 anklets worth about 150 gold pieces all told, and a toe ring worth 500 gold pieces! He drinks the healing potion and heals 1 more hit point, bringing his total hit points up to 4 (maximum is 5).

Feeling much better he continues on, but soon encounters a collapsed passage. So he turns around and searches the chamber where he defeated the goblin leader. Does he find a side passage or other exit? No.

He backtracks further to the chamber where he encountered the goblin shaman. Are there other exits here? Yes, north and south. He tries the north passage, but it's not long before he finds a very deep pit blocking any further progress. Turning around once more Durik heads back through the chamber and on to the southern exit. As he enters the last chamber it rapidly becomes extremely cold. He reckons, by the speed at which the cold comes on that it's some sort of magic at work. Not seeing anything in the chamber from his vantage point at the entrance and not finding any other passageways, chambers or other parts to the cave system he decides it's time to depart. So he heads back to his base to count up his treasure, deliver recovered items, and rest up for his next adventure.

Durik's sketch map

Map as drawn out later