Saturday, May 9, 2009

Firestone Dwarves

Firestone dwarves are from a different region from the Beerstone dwarves, off in a range of mountains to the southeast, and there are fewer of them. They are more "modern", making greater use of gunpowder weapons and often dressing in more Renaissance-like garments and armor, adopted from their closest human neighbors.

Firestone Pikes - old GW or Citadel minis
The Dragonfire Guard, armed with axes and a pair of pistols - I think these are an old GW "Regiment of Renown"

The artillery - an organ gun and a cannon - more GW/Citadel minis

Assorted characters and leaders - the pair on the left is a single Foundry mini. Most of the others are GW or Citadel. Not sure about the second and third from the left. On the fourth one I swapped out a hand holding a brand to fire a cannon with a hand holding a sword. The last 2 I added moustaches and "beefed up" the nose of the wizard as it got overwhelmed by the whiskers!)

Some more Foundry dwarves.

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  1. Wow, this is an incredible collection of dwarves you have here. I really dig those old GW/Marauder Pike!

    (kicks self for not having bought some himself - back in the day...)