Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wood Elves, part 1

Some basic wood elf spearmen and archers. Most of these are GW/Citadel metal minis from the "old days". I have flagbearers for most of the units, but few with flags currently attached, so I left those out of the pictures.
One of the few flagbearers actually carrying a flag at this time.
The hooded figure leaning on the sword is not from GW. I think it is a Reaper Mini...
This unit has a "standardbearer", but rather than a flag he carries a sort of icon.
More archers (because you can never have too many archers, right?).
A view from the back to show their shields. The heart and thorns are based on old GW decals, but hand-drawn/painted by me using a technical pen for the black parts and red paint for the hearts.

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