Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Noggin, part 4

Another batch of Noggin miniatures from Little Soldier Company. Probably the last of the Noggin minis I will do for a while (I do have minis of Noggin and Nootka sitting on thrones, 2 soldiers on horseback and a couple of variants of Nogbad the Bad, but I think I will do those some other time).

Just some odds and ends.
A Murder of (Nogbad's) crows.

Graculus (the bird) and Groliffe (the dragon).

Dwarf/gnome in kilt and Inverness cape, soldier of Nog disguised as a bear, and the moon mouse.

With apologies for photo quality. After all these years I still can't seem to always get good shots.


  1. More delightful miniatures and beautifully painted too.

  2. Thanks guys!
    They were fun to paint, and mostly easier than the humans (aside from the tartan, which I always struggle with).

  3. Lovely, I really like the dragon, moon mouse and man dressed as bear! Delightful!
    Best Iain