Saturday, September 16, 2023

Owl Bears

 Four hefty Owl Bears from TAG (The Assault Group). These are metal. I think the bodies are basically the same ones they made for their bears with dwarven riders, with added wings and feathers and other owl bear features, along with different heads, of course. Fun figures to paint. 

I tried to go for a couple of standard brownish owls/bears, like you might find in the woods.

Along with an arctic or polar owl bear and a melanistic owl bear.


  1. Oh! Nice! I hadn't seen these! Are they new-ish? I know they had a fantasy line (as I was briefly considering picking up some reinforcements for the Halfling Hollow Defence Leage). How big are they? Are those 40mm bases!? I'm imagining they could be used as paperweights!?

    I really like the mix of colours on them - especially the snowy owl-polar bear one! It is terrifying just looking at it!!

  2. Yep, they are from a Kickstarter which delivered a few months ago. Correct, the bases are 1.5 inch washers, so close to 40mm. All metal, so definitely hefty to act as paperweights (or map weights; hockey pucks are good for that, too; one at each corner).


  3. Lovely wide range of owl bear variants! Takes me back to basic D&D long ago and far away!
    Best Iain