Sunday, June 21, 2009

Orcs and Goblins, part 1

Now we begin to become acquainted with some of the less savory denizens of Mirth.

First an orc shaman and a goblin musician.

A goblin shaman, jester and snotling. (I got these all ages ago, but I think the last 2 are from a WarhammerQuest adventure)

A few wolfriders (with the leaders, command figures and shaman I have a total of 28 wolfriders; my largest single unit. They can be split into smaller units as needed.)

A couple of goblin chariots

"Grom the Paunch" and his chariot (notice the snake scrambling to get out of the way).

The whole mobile horde. Imagine facing this charging at you! (I also have some orc boarriders, to make for an even more fearsome mobile arm of the combined orc and goblin army.)

In some of these pictures you can see some new road pieces I have been working on. I cut them from mdf board and painted them with hobby paints. The green paint is rather translucent and lets the "particles" show through, which gives it some texture. They could work fine as is, but I'm going to experiment with a bit more painting and possibly some flocking, just to see how that might look.

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