Sunday, January 3, 2010

"concept drawings" (aka "doodles")

As requested, here are a couple of sketches from my unfinished (barely started!) comic. Something I just started for fun many years ago, but haven't done much with for quite a while. (I scanned the original pencil sketches and then "enhanced" them in PhotoShop Elements so you can see them better)


  1. Cool drawings. What is the theme of your comic to be ?


  2. It's supposed to be a humorous sci-fi parody, taking inspiration from all sorts of sources (even some non-sci-fi).

  3. Hey...thanks for posting these! Fun stuff...I think you should keep playing with the concept. You don't neccessarily need to take the drawings to "finish". Some of the best work in comics are done by "team-ups" writes, another draws. One idea might be to photograph your mini-sculpts, add some photo backgrounds, then put in speech balloons.

  4. Thanks for the comments, Warren!
    Well, the truth is I'm a rank amateur - at drawing or writing (or sculpting, for that matter!)! I just do this stuff for fun and my own amusement. I'll likely just play around with them when I feel like it and maybe never get anything finished. But that's OK. :)