Saturday, November 2, 2013

Norse Dwarves

I painted up another batch of figures from the old lead pile. These are old Norse dwarves from Foundry. In my fantasy world they are from the island of Smorgasbergen, a dwarf holding founded several generations ago by a seafaring dwarf known as Smorgas Herringsbane. I have a small family tree worked out of him and his descendants to the current chief, Snorkil Gnarlison, along with a map of the island.

I have shields that I think came with these figures, but I'm debating whether or not to attach them.

This finishes up the Foundry dwarf figures I have. Now I'm trying to decide which figures to work on next. Also, I've been thinking about whether to base up some of my old figures on stands for use with rules like Hordes of the Things or some sort of homegrown rules using stands of figures. I could easily work up a number of fantasy armies and still have plenty of individually based figures for skirmishes and rpgs. Of course, I could use movement trays or non-permanent attachments of the individual figures to stands, but permanent stands also have some appeal to me.


  1. Great dwarfs/ves which I think look good without their shields.
    Could you use the figs on sbot bases for stand type games attached with bluetack/magnetic foil ans take they off for roleplay? Best of both worlds I feel...
    I will be interested in what rules ideas you come up with...
    A great project and one i look forward to following...

  2. Great looking figures! I guess it would depend what the shields look like? They look fine on their own.

    Definitely try temporary bases - at least until you have a clear idea of what you want to do with them. I like the idea of sabot bases, but was never really satisfied with my own attempts... (individual bases were too big, couldn't fit enough of them onto the sabot base...).

  3. Thanks, guys!

    The main reason I might add some shields is for better defense in battle (I like my figures to be fairly representative).

    I do and have used temporary bases/sabots, with strong rare earth magnets, in some of my games. I'm not entirely satisfied with them (one reason is the one tim mentions; there are also aesthetic, as well as other practical, reasons). Still, I wouldn't go to the work of putting some figures on permanent bases until I figure out what base sizes I would want to use. It would likely not be something I would do soon anyway, knowing me. ha!

    I certainly have more than enough figures to handle both stands and individual figures, so there's no problem with doing both and not worrying about being able to pull some of off stands/sabots for when I need individual figures for rpgs or skirmishes or other rules.

    1. What about movement trays like these-
      Mount your figures on washers/pennies and they can fit in and out of the tray .Trays can b eflocked/decorated as you want and blend with he bases.This company makes great trays to different sizes .I have used them regularly .I write as a satisfied customer not as anyone in the business I might add.

    2. Thanks!
      I have considered similar trays. Of course, it would mean purchasing them from some source (preferably one a little closer to home). Whereas, I can cut bases myself (I suppose I could get something to cut the holes, too...). Also, there's the question of figures with other base shapes, like my cavalry or some of the various figures based on plastic slotted bases of different sizes/shapes. And then there's all the painting, flocking, etc., to get everything ready for action.
      In any event, I'm not in any hurry to do anything about any of this. I can't even find much time or energy for setting up and playing a game with miniatures these days. I think I need to take a vacation at home to do that - ha ha.

      In the meantime, I'm still prepping and painting figures, and also (to satisfy my desire for fantasy games) playing the Pathfinder card game. I'm really enjoying it.