Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Halflings and Big-folk

More halflings  and a couple of big-folk from Foundry. The female "Robin Hood", the villain (boo, hiss), and the halfling in green are from an old Foundry pantomime set. The rest of the halflings are from a more recent halfling set. There are 3 or 4 more halflings from that set that I haven't painted yet. I like the cartoonish look of the halflings and they fit in well with some old GW halflings I have. Similar stocky build, not the weedy (but possibly more refined/realistic) figures of some miniature lines. These are stout lads and lasses.

I have some ideas of how to use these in some games, scenarios and battles (ala Hordes of the Things or similar rules where you don't need large numbers of similar figures for each unit). The variety of figures gives me lots of ideas for characters and abilities. More on that if or when it comes to fruition.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying playing various boardgames solo. So far, in the past couple of weeks I have played Race for the Galaxy, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Witches of Discworld, and Agents of SMERSH. All fun solo games with good thematic story-telling aspects, good artwork, various levels of challenge. Some wins and more losses, but lots of fun.

(apologies for the variable quality of the pictures - I keep trying to get good shots, but I can't tell how they really look until I upload them to my computer, and I haven't figured out the right combination of lighting, camera settings, placement, etc.)


  1. Cool figures and a HNY to you. I have been looking for my copy of "Awful Green things..." of late for a solo game but can't seem to find it.I will look later today.

  2. I love these small guys, they're very funny :)
    Your bright palette is a good choice for these miniatures.