Saturday, May 3, 2014

Assorted Miniatures

I finished off a few assorted fantasy miniatures.
An old GW halfling and a Reaper elf
An owlbear and a mimic from Otherworld Miniatures, which seems to have good range of 25-28mm miniatures that hark back to some of the old artwork for D&D. I like the style of the figures. Otherworld's service was good, too. They added in a few figures I hadn't ordered, at no extra cost.
I also have some kobolds from Otherworld. The kobolds look great, but they are small figures, about halfling size, and many of them come with separate hands or arms that I haven't been able to attach solidly yet. I wish they were all cast in one piece. I dislike trying to assmble small figures.

And some snow goons from Reaper. When I placed an order with them in December the snow goons were included free as the "perk" for ordering that day. Reaper was doing a sort of "12 days of Christmas" promotion where they included a free figure or so depending on which day you placed your order.


  1. A diverse bunch which look great.A challenge- can you link them together into one scenario?

  2. I like the flair of that Reaper Elf.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thanks!
    All in one scenario? hmmm... maybe a wilderness encounter close to a dungeon - elf and halfling encounter an owlbear, old man winter sends in his snow goons, while mimic is attracted by sounds of fighting close to the dungeon entrance. How's that? ha ha