Monday, August 18, 2014

Orcs and More

A few figures fresh off the painting table. Some old GW so-called "black orcs" - I think these are really tough orcs, sort of like uruk hai. Unfortunately, for some reason I only ever got around to buying the command group, so they have no more orcs or their ilk to command. I guess they'll have to settle for bossing around lesser orcs.
A few regular orc archers, an old purchase from Foundry.
And some sort of plague-ridden mangy dog-like creature from Reaper's Bones line (I think it could be a Pathfinder goblin dog, which are not canines but more like large carnivorous rat creatures), and a dungeon mimic from Otherworld Miniatures.


  1. Mean looking figures. I am sure you could pick up some command reasonably cheaply 2nd hand on ebay etc.
    Will they get to fight soon?

  2. That orc command group has a lot of character. As always, I admire your work with a brush!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I have the command; what I don't have is black orc troops. But mainly I'm just slowly working away at lots of old minis I've had lying around for ages. My painting output is never fast, but since I haven't bought many new figures for a while I'm actually reducing the "lead mountain".
    Not sure about any fighting. I paint as much for the painting as for the playing, maybe even more so. :)

    1. Well, if you'd like to have 10 plastic black orcs in sprue, I'm sure I could help in that... Bought them on e-bay for a Pit Fighter conversion, only to find out that they're too huge compared to chaos marauders.

    2. Thanks for the offer, Bricriu!
      I really dislike plastics, especially multi-part ones. for me the plastic sprues are a good source of bits for conversions, but I don't like assembling the full figures, nor do I like the look and feel of the finished figures.
      I really do appreciate the thought though!

    3. Huh, I should have thought twice before offering plastics to an old-schooler :)

      I, on the contrary, like plastic (especially multi-part): I can assemble them any way I see fit, and if I want to convert them some more it's just a matter of a few cuts (and green stuff). And the paint does not chip off whenever I give the figure as little as a bad look.
      The above was rather an explanation than a need to argue (as I know that my points can be countered by greater variety, thorough sealing and proper storage).