Monday, October 26, 2015

Project Applecart

I've been working slowly on some more projects using Mott's plastic applesauce cups that look like barrel halves. Here are a couple of three-wheeled "tanks" just about ready to roll off the production line. The main body can lift off of the undercarriage and sits on dowel so it can turn. The larger back wheels are tops off of squeezy pouches of applesauce. The front wheels are wooden craft disks sandwiched between sawed off Dove ice cream bar sticks (the sacrifices we make for our craft!), with jewelry gears added for flavor. The tops and gun barrels are bits of craft pegs, plastic pen barrels, small dowels and other odds and ends. I'm not sure if these are done or if there is anything else I want to add, but they'll do for now.

Shown with 28mm Foundry figure for scale

An illustration of the undercarriages


  1. What great modelling and such splendid contraptions!

  2. Those are seriously good fun, I love them.

  3. Thank you, Alan and Michael. I added a shot of the undercarriages as well.

    I picture these 2 little carts as very maneuverable, but possibly prone to spinning a bit too far and requiring course corrections. The original larger tank I made some time ago I picture as more straightforward, in that it can go quickly in a straight line, but takes more to turn and maneuver (and being the original machine it may be less reliable in terms of things like starting it up).

    There are more Applecart works on the way, eventually. Have to break for tea and elevenses and you can't hurry good craftsmanship. (or that's how I picture the workmen building the finely tuned Applecart machines - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)