Monday, July 6, 2020

Cats, part one

The Cats of Crumptown from Northumbrian Tin Soldier. Kittenguard, part 1

My current miniatures painting project, with more cats to come in the next few weeks or so.

First image is to show size comparisons with an old GW wood elf, a Foundry dwarf, and a Reaper human. The cats are all metal and as you can tell, quite chunky.

Second image is to show a size comparison with a Reaper mousling.

3 of the Kittenguard cats

And 3 more


  1. These have painted up very nicely indeed.

  2. Great fun figures, beautifully painted.

  3. Thanks, guys! They are fun figures, and I have a good many more to paint once I get them prepped, and then decide what colors to paint each one.

  4. They seem a bit chunky to use with other 28s... but they look PURRFECT for use with the mouslings!

  5. I agree, Tim. There is a published adventure for the cats for use with D&D which talks about the cats as being around 4 feet tall, so they are certainly oversized in relation to standard 28mm figures like the ones I showed. But mouslings can work with either scale. With the cats they are suitably small. Could definitely have a game of cat and mouse. ha ha