Monday, October 18, 2021

Aliens: Invaders From Space

 These are some aliens from the board game, Starcadia Quest: Zenith Invaders.

Floating robot, whence it came I have forgotten.


  1. Great character filled figures, l especially like the floating robot.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Current items on my painting desk are some sci-fi barricades from some Star Wars miniatures game, but I will use them for generic sci-fi stuff. Not very interesting pieces, but useful. :)

  3. Do those ever look cool! Love that purple colour!

    1. Thanks, Tim!

      I tried to find reference photos from the Aliens franchise, but most were just dark. And I couldn't find any good photos of the painted minis from anyone else. So I thought I'd try to make them darkish, but not just all black. I also finished them off with matte varnish, then with a spray of gloss varnish from above, along with some brushed gloss in the mouths, so they are now shinier than in the pics (which were pre-varnishing).

    2. The purple TOTALLY works! I have some H.R.Giger-inspired bug-like aliens that I thought I'd paint like the movies from the aliens franchise - all black with a bit of dark grey for highlights and... well, they were certainly QUICK to paint... but they look so very dull and boring. If ever I get to repainting them, they are so going to be purple!

  4. Great looking aliens and robot,I really like the purple in context!
    Best Iain