Thursday, July 21, 2022

SDE Kobold Warriors

 Plastic minis from Super Dungeon Explore. Along with a plastic wagon and barrels from Reaper.


  1. Nice brush work as always - the figures are nice and I do like the wagon

  2. Thanks, Jack!
    Nothing fancy, but it'll do the job.
    I figure it's always good to have a few wagons and barrels and such, to make a scene look lived in and to provide cover, obstacles, etc.

  3. Nice!
    Have you played much Super Dungeon Explore!? It seems like it would be a fun game to solo. Keiran has a bunch of stuff for it, but hasn't shown any interest to play in the last few years...

  4. Thanks, Tim!
    I actually have not played it, even though I did get the solo stuff some time ago. I guess I wanted to get enough stuff painted for it before playing, but at the same time I was busy with painting other stuff. It does seem like it should be fun and not too heavy or dark.

  5. Good looking kobolds and nice looking wagon!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!
      It's been too hot here for me for painting since I finished those. Hopefully it will cool down sooner or later. :)