Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Few Odds and Ends

You ever come across old minis you had lying around somewhere half-forgotten?

In honor of Halloween here are some old GW skeletons and orc archer.
And another band of heroes. I think they're all GW/Citadel minis.
From the back, mostly so you can see the shields of the 2 warrior women.
Next, some old greens I sculpted quite some time ago. Practice pieces, not sure I'll ever do anything with them.
Goblin with sword, he'd be holding a shield with the other arm/hand.
Some halfling archers. Terrible faces! ha ha
And a couple more. I think the one with the horn isn't so bad, but I need a LOT more practice!
A halfling hiker, mayor, and an Alice in Wonderland walrus.

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