Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Greens

Some sci-fi minis I sculpted many moons ago. These are all characters from a half-finished comic I was trying to draw. The unpainted greens are fungoid pirates, the scum of the galaxy (actually, they're not so bad, just a little rotten). The big furry guy is Louie (or Loupacca).


  1. Looking really good! I do like the pirates. How many pirates were you planning to sculpt? Were you planning to use these for gaming, or for scene setting to help in the writing and drawing of the comic?

  2. Hey, Fitz-Badger...first time looking around on this site. Really like the sculpts...didn't know you did the sculpting thing, too! Do you have any sketches from the comic you could post? I'll definitely be back to look around some more.

  3. Sorry, I missed the comments. I'm not getting e-mails when they're posted. I'll have to see about fixing that.

    Tomo - these were the only ones I had planned. I haven't done any more in a while. They were more just a way to practice my sculpting and to try to "realize" some of the characters in 3 dimensions.

    Warren - I'm a rank amateur at sculpting and drawing. This is a project I had started at least 10 years ago (maybe even 20!). It's been on the backburner for a long time now. The trouble is I tend to have more ideas than time (or time to ramp up skills enough to "realize" my ideas).

    I'll try to round up some drawings to post one of these days.