Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here Be Dragons and Other Doodles

I've been spending some time working up monsters and other dungeon denizens for my OSH dungeon crawls and printing out more cards. This has involved some research, in the form of searching various RPG sources for monsters and monster skills, traits, abilities, tactics, and other characteristics (I could use some monster manual books! Not sure which ones to get though. I would only be using them for inspiration and to get ideas about the monsters and other creatures so I can convert for OSH), as well as checking primary sources in some cases (such as Alice in Wonderland). Also, some doodling to get some idea of general appearance and sizes, for my own use.

Here are a few examples of various monsters and minions I have written up for Old School Hack.
1. Basic Goblin Minion (minions are 1 hit point creatures in OSH. They only roll 1 die to hit, so it usually takes more than one to combine their attacks to get a hit on a character). AC 8-10. HP 1.
o Run Away! Add up HP of monsters. If equal or less than the number of party members the goblins automatically slip away. Add them to the next encounter.
o They try to gang up with at least 2-3 per opponent.
o Hatred of dwarves. If they have to choose targets dwarves will be the priority.

2. Hobgoblin Fighter (Guard level, which means they have 2 HP and roll 2 die for attacks. They will give characters a bit more trouble). AC 8-10. HP 2.
o All out attack. They can roll an extra D10 to hit, taking the top 2 die, but are then eliminated.
o Hatred of elves. If they have to choose targets elves will be the priority.

3. Bandersnatch (Monster, larger or tougher creatures that can give a character a tough time one on one). AC 12. HP 1D4+2. Reach weapon. Frumious.
o Fuming (Savage). 3 AP. Once per Combat. If it scores any hits double the damage. 
o  Furious (Fast). Constant. +2 on Initiative test and can move 2 arenas or move 1 and act in each round.

4. Kobold Shaman (Boss level creatures, usually have minions and guards along with them, additional skills, and tougher overall; well, kobolds might not be the best example of the latter!). AC8. HP 1D4+2. Light weapon, 1 hit.
o Dark Gods. 2 AP. Focus. The creature summons the dark energies of the gods it worships. After a frenzied chant dark orbs surround the target.
Attack: Ranged; Hit: 1 damage.
Effect: The target takes a -2 penalty to all attacks on their next turn.


  1. Long ago I ran a D&D game wher the party went into the "Lair of the Kamikaze Kobolds".

    The only monsters in it were Koblods . . . pretty easy to kill . . . but they were all "kamikazis" . . . they just lowered their naginatas and charged all out. With their all-out charge they were +4 to hit and because of their longer weapons, got "first strike" . . . which in their numbers made them very dangerous. Easy to kill after that initial charge, but nasty . . . and the party gave up and barely made it out alive.

    Moral of the story . . . even a simple monster can be dangerous depending upon their tactics.

    -- Jeff