Monday, September 30, 2013

A Few Assorted Miniatures

I'm slowly getting some miniature painting done (and reducing the lead pile a bit), and hope to pick up the pace a little as the long hot Summer slowly cools down. For now, here are a couple of archers (old Citadel/GW figures, I think), an elf (from the Celtos line) and a fox (painted to be more dog-like) from Reaper, and some GW lizardmen.
(The lizardman with the blowgun is more than a bit tipsy, having a tendency to fall forward all too often. I need to find a way to help counter-balance that with something to add weight to to far side of the base.)


  1. Try using some bits of lead glued into the far side of the underside of the base (they are hollow, I believe).

    Also, a lead "rock" on the back of the base will help too.

    -- Jeff

  2. I particuarly like the chap with the blowpipe and wise words from Jeff.
    Are we going to see them in action soon?