Sunday, April 2, 2017

Big Bird

Here is a feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex from Reaper Miniatures. I based the color scheme on the coloring of a hawk. The miniature is a little under 5 centimeters tall from the foot on the ground to the top of the head.


  1. Fantastic paint job on a great figure.

  2. Just looking back over the last few posts and I have to say these look like fun little figures and look really good painted up.

  3. Thanks, Gentlemen! I hadn't done much painting for so long! It's been good to get back into it. When I don't have a good idea for what colors I want to use I like to look for inspiration from real animals or other sources (for example, for the dwarf musketeers, and especially some of the character figures, I have been looking at images from the Richard Lester version of the 3 and 4 Musketeers).