Sunday, April 2, 2017

No Bones About It - It's Good to be the King

First up is a frog with a pipe from Toad King Castings' Warts and Wings kickstarter

Next, the Queen and King from Iron Mask Miniatures

The Necromancer and his skeleton squad (from Casting Room Miniatures, Foundry offshoot/e-bay store)

Skeleton swords (also from Casting Room, shields and shield bones from an old GW plastic skeleton set)

And Skeleton archers (also from Casting Room)


  1. What a wonderful selection of characterful miniatures and beautifully painted too.

  2. A great selection of figures,for some reason the frog is my favourite. Looking forward to a battle report soon.

  3. Thanks, gentlemen! I like the Iron Mask dwarves and have more of them to paint (and more coming from another kickstarter).
    I'm hoping to build a small army for Pikeman's Lament or similar. Although my plan is to use fewer figures per unit and track casualties (on paper or by dice or something).
    I might do something similar for Dragon Rampant with the skeletons and necromancer (and other skeletons and monsters I have).