Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Elves coming out of the woodwork

I finished a batch of Reaper elves. These are all over the place in sculpting style. Big heads, little heads, taller, shorter, different body proportions. In the end I like some better than others and will probably not keep all of them. Also, I think using flesh wash over everything may have been a mistake, but I am not thrilled about going back over everything. It was a lot of figures to paint at one time as it was.


  1. Given the various sculpting styles you have really managed to theme these beautifully! Wonderful work.

  2. Wonderful work indeed - interesting collection.

  3. Don't know what your not happy about Fitz they look wonderful to me, now go put them in a movie :)

  4. I see what you mean about the sculpting styles, they are all good but I like the look and animation of the slimmer ones best. That said they all look great as painted.

  5. Thanks, guys!

    I should see how they look alongside my old GW wood elves. I don't really have any plans for these in games, and mostly just painted them because I was looking for something to paint that I had some interest in.

    Of course, now I'm trying to decide what to paint next. I got some resin figures from a recent kickstarter, but they seem to be somewhat paint resistant (even after washing with dish soap and water and with Simple Green). They are also easy to break (broke a couple of weapons off just from lightly scrubbing with an old toothbrush). So I'm kind of soured on them and may look for something else to paint. Maybe I need to do some shopping... ha ha (or wait for metal minis from another kickstarter to arrive)

  6. Lovely looking elves, you've made them nicely consistent, although it is a surprise that they're not dwarves!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks!

      As a long time Tolkien fan I do branch out a bit (get it, branch :P ). But, yeah, I actually have quite a few old GW wood elves and some assorted wood elves from other sources.