Sunday, September 1, 2019

Seven More Dwarves

My latest.
The free Reaper "Black" ogre from a couple of months ago.

Seven more dwarves from Lead Adventures. They have a good assortment of female dwarves as well as male ones. They fit in well with GW and Foundry dwarves.

Group shot (including some large candlesticks also from lead adventures - good for set dressing)

(sorry for the yellow cast to these pics. I don't know how to set my camera to balance the light when I don't use the flash indoors.)


  1. Great figures with loads of character,l look forward to seeing them in a game. The ogre is very menacing indeed.

  2. Lovely selection of Dwarfs (Dwarves). The Ogre is wonderful - I love the little flower on his base!

  3. Thanks! Dwarves was good enough for Tolkien, so it's good enough for me. (yeah, I thought some pink flowers was nice little touch) :)

  4. Orge & the 7 Dwarfs, I thing it could make a good movie Fitz :) lovely paint job but I'm confused as I always thought that females had beards as well lol

  5. Thanks
    All I can say is the female dwarf minis I have don't have beards. shrugs ha ha

  6. Super looking ogre and lovely looking dwarves,male, female and those presenting themselves as male!
    Best Iain

  7. I do love those Lead Adventure dwarves. So full of character! I also like the mix of male and female dwarves!

    1. Thanks, Tim! I agree, lots of character and a good mix of female and male dwarves.