Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Few Minis More

I found these pack donkeys amongst my pile of "lead" and decided to paint them. They are from Foundry. I painted others from the set, including various pack equines, a long time ago.

 Female sci-fi soldier from Reaper; owlbear cub and Illyrian spaceman from Bombshell Miniatures.


  1. Thanks, Michael!

    I greatly enjoy your work on your blog!

  2. Yay! New stuff! I have a train of mules or donkeys I need to paint up - they'd be so useful - could be used for so many different periods - but i just can't motivate myself to get them done...

    1. Thanks, Tim!

      I also greatly enjoy your work (and play) on your blog!

      You guys inspire me.

      I find sometimes that doing something like painting the donkeys is a nice relaxing change of pace. One thing that sometimes slows me down the most is trying to figure out what colors to paint things. I don't really have that problem with thinks like pack animals.

    2. Oh, I get anxious over animal colours more than I get anxious about uniform colours... There's always lots of info and plates about uniforms - less so about the particular varieties and shades of horses (or mules or donkeys).

    3. For me the animal colors are easier - there are plenty of references for their colors. I have a book of horse breeds, for example; as well as a few painting guides for painting equines. And other books about animals as references and/or inspiration for animal coloring.

      But I think it's harder to find references for various sci-fi and fantasy figures and robots. I try to find ones from the manufacturers, but they don't always have painted examples. I also look for inspiration from sci-fi and fantasy films and illustrations, but don't always find close enough analogs to borrow from.

      I guess we all have our different stumbling blocks. :)

  3. Nice sci fi types, donkeys are good I've just spray primed 6 and should be painting them this week, super useful models imho.
    Best Iain

  4. Thanks, Iain!
    Yes, they can be used in some convoy scenarios in lieu of wagons, or in other cases where you want to represent some low-tech transport.

    I have more sci-fi types in the queue, along with more dwarf musketeers, and a few other odds and ends.

  5. Beautiful figures, the donkeys and the owlbear are so cute, well done!