Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Sci-Fi and a Goblin

I wanted to try my hand at a non-green goblin. This figure is from a Greenskin Wars kickstarter I received a while back. I'm not sure the color works. Maybe I will try some other shades on some of the other figures until I get a color I like.

Sligg Soldier from Reaper, which reminded me of a kobold. Two views of the one figure, so you can see different angles.

And the Space Patrol from Hydra Miniatures Galacteers.


  1. Thanks, Michael!

    I have tons of greenskins and thought it would be interesting to try other shades/colors to see if I can find one that I like as an alternative to green.

  2. I really like the Galacteers, those colors really pop!

    Not sure I'm as much a fan of the redskin Greenskin. Maybe a yellow-green? The Sligg color is perfect though, that little bit of orange helps.

  3. Thanks, Kelroy!

    I usually do a black basecoat (with black gesso). Which I did on these, but then I painted a very light gray (almost white) over all the areas where I was going go paint the white and uniform colors. I agree about the goblin. I kind of do want to try something other than a shade of green, but other colors, like blue, orange, yellow, gray, etc., don't really sound right to me. Maybe I'll look at other shades of green (olive, grayish, bluish, yellowish).

  4. I like your 60s looking spacemen, I'm planning on going grey, maybe with a little bit of blue whenever I eventually get around to painting goblins and orcs, it's a difficult one to get right. Inspired by you I've almost finished my donkeys, thanks for that.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!
      I'd be interested to see how your grey goblins turn out. I'm planning on repainting the skin on this one, but haven't decided which colors to try yet. Or maybe I should painted a different one, so if the colors don't won't I won't be piling too many layers on this one.

      Glad I could inspire you to work on your donkeys. :) That's one reason I like the various blogs I visit; they inspire me, even if it's as simple as just inspiring me to do "something".