Friday, June 9, 2017

Fire and Ice and Mechanical Minions

I've been painting a mix of Hydra Miniatures, Bombshell Miniatures, and Reaper Miniatures, as well as some miniatures from assorted kickstarter projects, so I'm losing track of which came from where. Is that just me?

First, a couple of large toads (to give an idea of size, they are based on the same large 1.25 inch diameter washers I used for the other figures in this post). I painted one in a snow/ice scheme (with some baking soda and salt for the patches of snow), and the other in a fire scheme. These are resin minis from the Warts and Wings kickstarter by Iain Colwell.

Alien ambassador/merchant/noble and hunter. Not sure where these are from, but I think they might be from Reaper.

Evil Overlord/space villain and robot captain, from Hydra Miniatures.

Followed by the robot "legion", also from Hydra.

For more info on the toads see Toad King Castings


  1. All absolutely wonderful, but the Robot Legion has really caught my eye.

    1. Thanks!
      I did have one instance while gluing the robots together where I ended up with my fingers glued together and the robot falling apart. (but that's why I keep a bottle of acetone/nail polish remover handy)

  2. Good looking stuff! (Love the Minion you snuck in the last pic.) The toads are fantastic, great coloration. I don't think I've ever seen an ice toad before; that would be an unexpected monster to fight!

    1. He he :)
      I can't take credit for coming up with the ice toad. The guy who ran the kickstarter gave examples, including the fire toad and the ice toad. I don't play Frostgrave (yet?), but a large ice tad might work well as a wandering monster in that game, maybe?

  3. Nice evil overlord and robots, I have played a fair bit of frostgrave, it's fun and it's easy so we've had 3 generations playing it, an ice toad would be very useful.
    Best Iain